Braces Diagram

  • Bracket: The attachment bonded ("glued") to each individual tooth (brackets can be metal or ceramic/clear)
  • Wire: The metal wire that acts as a track to guide your teeth along into alignment as they move. It is attached to the brackets (fits into the bracket slots) to gently move the teeth into proper alignment. It is removable and is changed periodically throughout treatment as your teeth move to their new positions.
  • Elastic tie or ligature: A tiny elastomeric ring that fits around the bracket and ties the wire into bracket; they come in many different colors (see below) and are used for decorative purposes to customize the braces and enhance the orthodontic experience.
  • Wax/Silicone: Orthodontic relief wax or silicone is a home care remedy used to alleviate irritations caused by braces and/or wires, especially when you first get them on. The wax is applied over the brackets creating a very smooth surface that helps to protect the cheeks and lips from irritations that sometimes happen in the first few days after getting braces and/or new wires.
  • Hooks: Used to attach rubber bands, see Elastics (Rubber Bands) section.


You can customize your braces by choosing different colors to go on them


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