Complimentary Consultation

After you schedule your Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Tsibel, you will receive our Welcome Packet in the mail. Complete the medical history form and bring any pertinent insurance information with you to the consultation visit. You can also download all the necessary patient forms here, please complete the forms before your visit as this will expedite your consultation appointment when you arrive.  If you arrive just a few minutes early, you can help yourself to our coffee and beverage bar, fresh in-house baked cookies, take a quick tour of our family-friendly office, and check your email, update your Facebook, or browse the web on the netbooks in the reception area.

At your initial appointment we will take digital X-rays at no charge which will help Dr. Tsibel evaluate growth and development of the teeth and jaws. Dr. Tsibel will then perform a thorough clinical examination of the patient and present any orthodontic problems or concerns to the patient and/or parent. Diagnostic observations will be explained in a clear, and easy-to-understand manner and treatment goals and objectives will be outlined and discussed. Dr. Tsibel's practice policy and priority with respect to consultation appointments is - no one should leave the consultation appointment without clear understanding of their or their child's orthodontic concerns and how they should be resolved/corrected. Dr. Tsibel and our Treatment Coordinator work hard to eliminate any confusion regarding patient's orthodontic diagnosis and treatment options.

If the patient is not completely ready for orthodontic treatment, we will place him or her on our "Growth Observation and Guidance" recall program. The patient will be seen by Dr. Tsibel approximately every six months to monitor facial and tooth growth and development so that the optimal time to start treatment can be assessed.

If treatment is advisable, Dr. Tsibel will thoroughly explain the type of appliances to be used, the estimated treatment time, if removal of any "baby" or permanent teeth is required prior to treatment, and recommend complete in-house diagnostic records, including digital x–rays and photos, and study models of the teeth to formalize a definitive treatment plan. The cost of treatment, what financial arrangements can be made, and the insurance considerations will also be discussed in detail with our treatment/insurance coordinator.

To get started today, please request your complimentary consultation, or call our office at 916.789.1100 for more information or an appointment.