Invisalign® for Overbite




Class II malocclusion, more commonly known as an overbite, is one of the leading reasons children and teens undergo orthodontic treatment.

To treat the issue, orthopedic correction (jaw modification) is necessary to encourage the lower jaw to grow forward while straightening the teeth.

How Does Invisalign With Mandibular Advancement Work?

These innovative Invisalign aligners are the first FDA-approved clear aligner treatment for Class II malocclusion, or an overbite, meaning we can do skeletal correction with no hardware at all. The aligners are crafted from the same BPA-free, smooth, plastic as standard Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign First. However, they also feature precision wings made from the patented SmartTrack® material that are situated between the premolars and first molars. As you bite down, the wings engage and hold the lower jaw (mandible) in a forward (advanced) position. The jaw shifts incrementally forward into its proper place and the lower jaw grows into the ideal size so it’s matched with upper jaw and the overbite disappears. While the aligners are hard at work on the orthopedic correction, they also simultaneously align and level the teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign With Mandibular Advancement?

Invisalign with MA combines the perks of clear aligners with features for advancing the lower jaw. The benefits of this cutting-edge approach to Class II malocclusion, include:

  • More cost effective than traditional overbite appliances
  • Simultaneously straightens the teeth while moving the lower jaw forward
  • Removable for maximum convenience
  • No food restrictions
  • There is zero hardware, so patients can brush and floss
  • Virtually invisible so kids and teens can continue to smile with confidence
  • No extra appliances to fit thanks to the precision wings being attached to the aligners and no emergency visits
  • Won’t get in the way of things like playing sports or instruments
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